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Some answers to your questions...

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

There are many similarities and few differences.
It is generally acknowledged that psychotherapy is a longer and deeper treatment, a psychotherapist is trained for at least four years to post graduate level where as a counsellor may only have a diploma.
It is important to follow the BACP guidelines on ensuring a therapist or counsellor is Registered and Accredited with the BACP or UKCP.
However there are no definite differences in the work and the working alliance between client and therapist is the most important factor in the treatment

How long will it last?

Sessions are 50mins in duration.
Open ended work has no time limit and a working through the clients difficulty will eventually lead to a natural ending.
Brief time limited therapy has a set number of sessions and the therapist is working with an ending from the beginning of the work together.

How will I know what sessions will be best for me?

The therapist will ascertain with you in the initial session what type of treatment is best for you- this will depend on your difficulties and how you would benefit from therapy.

Does therapy suit everyone?

The initial consultation will help you decide if therapy is something you wish to embark on.
The majority of individuals who go into therapy feel the benefits quite early on, however therapy may not be everyone’s choice.

How much does it cost?

I charge £60 for  individuals and £70 couples  and £85 for family therapy and £60 per individual session for Clinical Supervision.

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